Nov 5

by jyhopkins

You don’t get enough omega fats. You don’t get enough minerals. You don’t get enough phytonutrients. You don’t get enough fiber. What do you get? What are you getting? What do you eat all day?


Across town, the woman kept refreshing her feed. She wanted to see how often the order in which the posts showed up would change. Every three or four refresh actions produced an entirely different sequence of posts. A few appeared almost every time. Most were visible only once. This served as a metaphor.

She drank matcha every day, but she only paid someone else to brew it for her maybe twice per week. Today, she paid someone $3.50 for a mug of matcha. Her box of matcha at home cost $6.75 and could produce enough brewed matcha to fill that mug twenty times.

A message: If you really want to leave thats ok but id like to have sex one more time either way lmk

She didn’t delete it. She didn’t reply. She went back to the feed and refreshed it.


  • I feel pretty sure this won’t end up being a novel, but I suppose it’s possible.
  • All these mysterious women in fiction, like they’re all just waiting around doing ordinary stuff until something related to a relationship happens.
  • So are the men. Doing ordinary stuff. Or, if not “ordinary,” generally unremarkable, even though the whole book remarks on it.
  • Maybe relationships are also “ordinary stuff.”
  • Relationships obviously vary, but it’s “ordinary” to be “in a relationship,” now and then at least.
  • It’s been a while since I “dated” anyone.
  • The man is clearly something of a doofus.
  • Of course, the woman could be as well.
  • I should’ve tried to write some straight up sword & sorcery or space opera.
  • Just tons of action and minimal world-building.
  • I like world-building, but it’s slower than writing sentence after sentence of people doing things.
  • “And then he punched the enemy. And then he jumped over the obstacle. And then he shot another enemy.” Like that, except you go into more detail, which isn’t hard to imagine if you’ve watched a bunch of movies and played lots of video games.
  • You simply draw from your previous experience witnessing the products of other people’s imaginations, over and over.