Nov 7

by jyhopkins

This time a new shared post appeared:

With Holidays Imminent, Shoppers Prepare for War

She tapped it. Naturally, it turned out to be a hyperbolic headline referencing the exact same thing that happens every year. They could’ve used the word “battle,” but they took it up a notch. There was no indication that this year’s shopping season would be any more warlike than any other. If anything, more people were expected to shop online, perhaps decreasing the likelihood of any scuffles or stampedes in retail centers. She expected as much when she tapped it, but had held out — wait, was it hope? Did she actually hope that some violence might be on the horizon? Or did she hope merely that the news story might (unlike most) be a thrill to read?

This self-indictment troubled her more than the general banality of online media (a given), and more than the idea of violence perpetrated by and against strangers (also a given).

She refreshed the feed. That headline appeared further down, after several other stories about spending projections and items predicted to be popular gift choices.

Someone could do a movie about toys that kill people unless people buy them, she thought.

Sounds pretty 80’s.

I should watch Gremlins 2 again.