|ƆƆƆ aut Fractus

A 2017 NaNoWriMo Blog

Nov 3

Wrote nothing, so I’ll post the paragraph I wrote before and try to add to it. The original paragraph will be in the blockquote.

He held the phone, and the phone held the power. Therefore he held the power. This is a world of magic. The fox was searching for a hen house. A true master of none, he traded his cigarette lighter for a charging jack. Light. Warmth. Activity. Power. Magic. The screen issued wisdom and insight. He caressed it, he abused it, off and on, on and off. The whims of his attention combating the variegations of raw magical power. Hermaphroditic energies require focus.


  • I’m not sure I even want to add to that.
  • I think I was going for a sort of amalgamation of minimalist language with free-flowing stream of — well, not “consciousness” exactly. … Not a meandering, discursive internal monologue; rather a strobing of various associations and metaphors.
  • Abstractly, I sort of like that combination, but the particulars are bugging me — some more than others, and I don’t wish to be more specific as to which.
  • WordPress’s spellcheck is extremely restrictive.
  • Or does the website access a language bank on my PC?
  • People say NNWM is about just plowing ahead and not looking back.
  • That’s not what I’m doing.
  • So far this post is more words than yesterday’s, but it also includes a paragraph I didn’t write today, so I’m going to put a few more words down.
  • I’m going to try and bump it up to 200 words in addition to those in the paragraph.
  • All in all, I need about twenty more words than the total at the time I began typing this bullet point.

Nov 2

Wrote a paragraph.


  • There’s no way in hell I’d ever do this.
  • That’s what everybody thinks.
  • No, that’s what some people think.
  • Some people think that and are correct.
  • Some people think that then prove themselves wrong.
  • What if I could just blog 50,000 words about my thoughts & feelings?
  • That seems perhaps more doable.
  • I could seriously just type whatever I think about every day until I hit the quota.
  • I haven’t hit the quota yet today, but I’ll keep this option in mind.
  • There would be conflict, development, unreliable narration.
  • It would be indistinguishable from a novel.
  • It would also be cloyingly, uninspiringly “meta.”
  • “Oh, look at me: I’m a writer writing about writing the thing I’m writing. Oh ho ho.”
  • But it’s not really any more derivative than a million other things.
  • Nevertheless, it’s a bad idea. I simply don’t like it, even if someone out there would find it readable.
  • Stay true to yourself.
  • This isn’t even 200 words.



I’m going to try National Novel-Writing Month. The blog has been renamed and all the old posts are now private. After this introduction, I’ll plan to do one post per day.

It’s going to be bad. Bear witness and pity.