Nov 8


  • I have a stack of unread non-fiction I got at a church’s used book sale.
  • I still buy books as a way to have access to information even though I use the internet a lot. “That might be a good thing to have access to,” I think.
  • I can always use the internet to see what other people think about a particular container of information.
  • “What is the goodreads rating for this book about Nazis,” I can ask.
  • “What is the amazon rating for this book about Mt. Athos?”
  • “Is this book about Appalachians referenced in any wikipedia bibliographies?”


  • I might do two posts today: This one and another later with actual NNWM stuff.
  • The continuing saga of two millennials using their phones.
  • So far, from the text, it’s unclear whether the two people are involved with each other at all.
  • They might be. They might not be.
  • Metaphor depends on the ostensible facts.