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Nov 10


  • Whoa. Not only did I not do two posts on the 8th, I did no posts on the 9th.
  • Weekend is coming up.
  • I can do like five or six posts to pick up the slack.
  • Yeah, that’ll work.
  • It’ll totally work.
  • I’m very committed to this project.
  • I love words.
  • I have always loved the written word.
  • I am a writer.
  • It’s in my nature to write.
  • When I don’t write, I don’t feel like I’m living the life I was meant to live.
  • It is the goal of the writer to write.
  • To write is my goal.
  • It’s more than a goal: It’s like breathing.
  • I’m surprised I am even still alive, having gone a day without breathing.
  • I’m going to spend the whole weekend breathing.
  • Breathing requires sacrifice.
  • You might have to cut back on your TV time in order to get your reps in.
  • But, if you really love breathing, it won’t seem like work.
  • When you love breathing, it’s like you never have to work a day in your life.

Nov 8


  • I have a stack of unread non-fiction I got at a church’s used book sale.
  • I still buy books as a way to have access to information even though I use the internet a lot. “That might be a good thing to have access to,” I think.
  • I can always use the internet to see what other people think about a particular container of information.
  • “What is the goodreads rating for this book about Nazis,” I can ask.
  • “What is the amazon rating for this book about Mt. Athos?”
  • “Is this book about Appalachians referenced in any wikipedia bibliographies?”


  • I might do two posts today: This one and another later with actual NNWM stuff.
  • The continuing saga of two millennials using their phones.
  • So far, from the text, it’s unclear whether the two people are involved with each other at all.
  • They might be. They might not be.
  • Metaphor depends on the ostensible facts.

Nov 7

This time a new shared post appeared:

With Holidays Imminent, Shoppers Prepare for War

She tapped it. Naturally, it turned out to be a hyperbolic headline referencing the exact same thing that happens every year. They could’ve used the word “battle,” but they took it up a notch. There was no indication that this year’s shopping season would be any more warlike than any other. If anything, more people were expected to shop online, perhaps decreasing the likelihood of any scuffles or stampedes in retail centers. She expected as much when she tapped it, but had held out — wait, was it hope? Did she actually hope that some violence might be on the horizon? Or did she hope merely that the news story might (unlike most) be a thrill to read?

This self-indictment troubled her more than the general banality of online media (a given), and more than the idea of violence perpetrated by and against strangers (also a given).

She refreshed the feed. That headline appeared further down, after several other stories about spending projections and items predicted to be popular gift choices.

Someone could do a movie about toys that kill people unless people buy them, she thought.

Sounds pretty 80’s.

I should watch Gremlins 2 again.

Nov 6


  • Something weird is going on with the notifications.
  • I’ve never been certain that I “trust” online publication mechanisms, but I’m also not going to print all this stuff in a photocopy zine or whatever, so it is what it is.
  • I post stuff online. Usually it’s stuff written to be posted online.
  • I also write other stuff and never post it anywhere.
  • These factors influence the composition in ways obscure even to me.
  • But also in some obvious ways.

Nov 5

You don’t get enough omega fats. You don’t get enough minerals. You don’t get enough phytonutrients. You don’t get enough fiber. What do you get? What are you getting? What do you eat all day?


Across town, the woman kept refreshing her feed. She wanted to see how often the order in which the posts showed up would change. Every three or four refresh actions produced an entirely different sequence of posts. A few appeared almost every time. Most were visible only once. This served as a metaphor.

She drank matcha every day, but she only paid someone else to brew it for her maybe twice per week. Today, she paid someone $3.50 for a mug of matcha. Her box of matcha at home cost $6.75 and could produce enough brewed matcha to fill that mug twenty times.

A message: If you really want to leave thats ok but id like to have sex one more time either way lmk

She didn’t delete it. She didn’t reply. She went back to the feed and refreshed it.


  • I feel pretty sure this won’t end up being a novel, but I suppose it’s possible.
  • All these mysterious women in fiction, like they’re all just waiting around doing ordinary stuff until something related to a relationship happens.
  • So are the men. Doing ordinary stuff. Or, if not “ordinary,” generally unremarkable, even though the whole book remarks on it.
  • Maybe relationships are also “ordinary stuff.”
  • Relationships obviously vary, but it’s “ordinary” to be “in a relationship,” now and then at least.
  • It’s been a while since I “dated” anyone.
  • The man is clearly something of a doofus.
  • Of course, the woman could be as well.
  • I should’ve tried to write some straight up sword & sorcery or space opera.
  • Just tons of action and minimal world-building.
  • I like world-building, but it’s slower than writing sentence after sentence of people doing things.
  • “And then he punched the enemy. And then he jumped over the obstacle. And then he shot another enemy.” Like that, except you go into more detail, which isn’t hard to imagine if you’ve watched a bunch of movies and played lots of video games.
  • You simply draw from your previous experience witnessing the products of other people’s imaginations, over and over.

Nov 4

Which is it: Anima or animus? This is a real question and it demands real attention, he believed. People don’t understand. Sometimes it’s one that wants to be another, and people have to help things along using their energy and smartphone. He meant to deliver all hermaphroditic objects into their destinies. He would prefer anima, though.

The taxi behind him honked its horn. He snapped out of it, wasn’t sure how long he’d been sitting at the green light, and applied moderate pressure to the accelerator.


  • Not this time.


Nov 3

Wrote nothing, so I’ll post the paragraph I wrote before and try to add to it. The original paragraph will be in the blockquote.

He held the phone, and the phone held the power. Therefore he held the power. This is a world of magic. The fox was searching for a hen house. A true master of none, he traded his cigarette lighter for a charging jack. Light. Warmth. Activity. Power. Magic. The screen issued wisdom and insight. He caressed it, he abused it, off and on, on and off. The whims of his attention combating the variegations of raw magical power. Hermaphroditic energies require focus.


  • I’m not sure I even want to add to that.
  • I think I was going for a sort of amalgamation of minimalist language with free-flowing stream of — well, not “consciousness” exactly. … Not a meandering, discursive internal monologue; rather a strobing of various associations and metaphors.
  • Abstractly, I sort of like that combination, but the particulars are bugging me — some more than others, and I don’t wish to be more specific as to which.
  • WordPress’s spellcheck is extremely restrictive.
  • Or does the website access a language bank on my PC?
  • People say NNWM is about just plowing ahead and not looking back.
  • That’s not what I’m doing.
  • So far this post is more words than yesterday’s, but it also includes a paragraph I didn’t write today, so I’m going to put a few more words down.
  • I’m going to try and bump it up to 200 words in addition to those in the paragraph.
  • All in all, I need about twenty more words than the total at the time I began typing this bullet point.